Long time, no update. ^^

Work and school are keeping us busy, but we still have time to occasionally call home (yes, I’ve been bad the last couple of weeks, sorry!) and participate in a few games. I’m running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft for some of our friends, and one friend in that game is running City of the Spider Queen for his friends, including us. Somewhere in there, we’re also playing in a Mutants and Masterminds game with a GM in Japan, using RPTools and Skype. I’m also supposed to run a Changeling game using the NWOD rules. Somewhere in *there*, I’m playing City of Heroes. No, we can’t do all of these every week… but even so, there’s a lot going on just in the gaming world. Q is playing Professor Layton on the DS now, and every now and then I’ll peek at Oblivion or Lost Odyssey.

Whew. I’m tired just reading that paragraph.

We attended a Jonathan Coulton concert, and one of our friends put a lot of the show up on YouTube (with permission, naturally, although he uses a Creative Commons license for his works.) Just look up Jonathan Coulton here:

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