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Oh, here’s a new tag: TV.

The TV season is over, and there were some greats out there for the geek community, many of which we didn’t see at all. ^_- (I hear Pushing Daisies is excellent, and I will check it out when I get the opportunity to do so.)

The second season of Heroes was decent, but it felt a bit off. I liked the inclusion of Kristin Bell- amazingly enough, it took me a few episodes to realize who she was, and I thought of myself as a Veronica Mars fan. Really, that’s just me not paying attention. However, the pacing of Season 2 was just odd. Hiro’s Japan adventure seemed to go on too long for what it did, as did Maya and Alejandro’s journey to the U.S. The last couple of episodes, in particular, seemed rushed- trying to stuff as much in as possible to conclude some of the season’s stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love Heroes, but I’m hoping for more in Season 3.

The show we really dug, though, was newcomer Chuck. Q was happy that Adam Baldwin came out, because she thinks he’s hilarious (and I can’t think of him without singing “Jayne- the man we call- Jayne” in my head). But for me, the show just clicked. I liked the action, the romance, the gaming reference, the geekery. I liked Chuck and Morgan’s interactions, and Chuck and Sarah’s confusions. I appreciate that Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Joshua Gomez (Morgan) went to conventions, and are gamers.
Of course, we’re such geeks that we wondered what was up with the Stanford Library using the Dewey Decimal system in the show- really, I’m sure they’ve converted to LOC by now. :P

Also, I started watching G4TV juuuuust a little bit. Honestly, I forgot that I had that channel after it merged with TechTV. Then someone showed me a show called CodeMonkeys. Hmm…

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  1. Yes, season 2 of Heroes was the suck. In all fairness though, season 1 was a hard act to follow, but I’m looking forward to mucho goodness in s3. They owe it to us after the disjointed writing we weathered in s2.

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