Movie, games and other excitement.

I spent this Memorial Day weekend alternately doing chores and playing Penny Arcade’s new game, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. It didn’t take too long to beat, but it was a whole lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next several episodes. Pluses from a metagame standpoint: released for XBox 360, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Minuses: Activation DRM. Not as bad as some, and worse than others (live activation is generally a bad idea for the long-term). Any kind of DRM is ultimately self-defeating- especially for those of us interested in game preservation.

Picked up Age of Conan. Pretty good game, and would be a lot better if I had the system reqs to play it on my “normal” computer. As it is, I can only play it every so often, which is pretty defeating when it comes to playing with other folks. :P Well, City of Heroes Episode 12 is out, and that looks to have some pretty nifty features as well.

Offline, we’ve been playing Persona FES and Mario Kart Wii. I’m surprised I missed Atlus’s Persona the first time around- the Japanese fighting RPG/school/date sim is right up our alley. ^_^ Mario Kart Wii is also pretty darned fun.

We’ve seen a few movies recently. I’ll mention a couple that are in my head now for some reason.

Forbidden Kingdom – Saw this one when it came out, with a group of friends. I really enjoyed it. I find it amusing that they took out the kid from all the previews and made it seem solely like a Jet Li/Jackie Chan movie, but I knew I was getting into Neverending Story/Wizard of Oz territory from the earlier trailers. I very much appreciated all of the references to other Kung Fu movies- it was great seeing the Monkey King, the Bride with White Hair, the Shaolin Monk, the Drunken Master, the Golden Swallow, and all those characters from other movies in one film. ^_^

Indiana Jones – We saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull with some friends at its opening midnight showing at the Drafthouse South, and all six theaters were sold out. Like any Indy film, it was a ride. Although we both agreed that it was probably the weakest of the Indy films, I didn’t dislike it as much as Q did. I enjoyed that it took all of the crystal skull crazy mythology that’s out there and wrapped it up in one movie. ^_- (It was… not great in retrospect. A group of people came over from Spain to see it on opening night and they left a bit befuddled.)

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