Apparently we used to blog a lot

It’s hard to believe that the last time we posted was in 2010. Wow. We did create the Making Masks page in 2020, in the earlier days of Covid to share qyandri’s construction modifications for her favorite mask types, but that’s about it.

I’ve been doing some cleanup of domains, sites, and other Internet-related items I own, particularly in light of Google’s recent announcement that they were retiring the “free” plan for our personal domains that we’ve had for well over a decade. (They may be walking that back a bit for particularly small users, like us… they’re promising more information in the coming months.) I’ve also kept files on external media going back to the late 90s. And wow, we used to blog quite a bit. ^_^;

Our blog writing seems to have died down with the increased availability of social media. In the 90s/early 00s qyandri and I (before we even knew each other) had our own sites on our school servers and places like geocities and blog hosts like Xanga and livejournal. We blogged a bit at before we were married, when qyandri was in Japan, and looking at those files is a trip. Really lots of trips. Going through this site and others I used to blog at-,, places I guest blogged- was interesting. As a digital archivist by education (if not occupation), I was of course keenly aware of the ephemerous nature of digital media, but it’s really striking to see how many linked sites and pages are just gone, some even unable to be retrieved using the Internet Archive.

A few thoughts, reflecting on my own writings… some of it has not aged particularly well. Some things haven’t changed. There’s always a new Disgaea out, there’s always a new Mario Kart, there’s always a new Persona. And I’m totally good with that. :) We still have our geeky hobbies of games and rpgs and anime. Some things in our lives have changed, and maybe I’ll write about them more later on. Looking at these old sites, I find myself missing blogging and pointing folk to things I dig, so… maybe I’ll do that a bit. For a while.

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